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First published in Brazil as Animais da nossa terra, this book is intended for children and those who are interested in learning English and discovering more facts about ecosystems in Brazil. It presents both rare and common animals through delightful and beautiful images and paper sculptures. The language is accessible for a general audience, whilst also drawing on accurate and scientific information about Brazilian fauna. The author is a biologist, with past work experiences in Brazil and is currently working in the field of environmental management in Australia. This book is a wonderful introduction to science, ecology, biology and environmental studies.

Animals from our land - Brazil (inglês)


Animals from our land

SKU: 9788587140302
R$44,00 Preço normal
R$34,32Preço promocional
  • Editora Cuca Fresca

    ISBN: 978-85-87140-30-2
    Illustrations: Carlos Meira
    Assunto: Literatura infantil, Meio-ambiente, Educação ambiental, Animais brasileiros, Ecossistemas brasileiros.
    Páginas: 44
    Peso: 220 gr.
    Formato: 22,5×27cm

  • por Riederer Marcia (Autor)

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